Burning Down the Kitchen/Trying A New Recipe

Disclaimer: I’m not a cook. I’m a baker. I can bake, but put me over the stove . . . well,  it’s a disaster.

Today, I tried a new recipe for breakfast, and I only caught the waffle iron on fire twice. All is fine, now. Really. The waffles turned out great, but the pan and the stove were a mess. Ok. They still are a hot mess. I’m procrastinating.

I used a recipe with coconut flour and coconut oil, and it was really good . . . except for the kitchen fire. I’m not a person that wants to eliminate gluten from my diet, but I just wanted to see if I liked the coconut flour. I felt better, too, than how I would felt when I ate my normal waffles.

Granted, I would usually eat these “normal” waffles after any long runs over 10 miles. Okay. The “normal” waffles are Aunt Jemima waffles that my husband would make for me. Hey, you can’t beat it.

Maybe it was the coconut flour or the fact that I simply did not run over 10 miles that made me feel better instead of that lingering tired and rather ill feeling you get from sugar and flour. I’ll let you decide.

I just ran a Google search for “Coconut Flour Waffles” and found a recipe that looked easy and had honey. I’m not giving up honey. I also added blueberries for sweetness, but you can add anything . . . like chocolate chips.

Have fun in the kitchen but don’t burn it down. I guess I need to clean up my mess.




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