Review: InknBurn Stars and Stripes/Happy 4th of July

INknBurn:  Love These Clothes!!!

Running shorts that look like denim and can breathe through the Texas heat? No chafing or riding up the thigh and no fidgeting with the fit?  And a sports bra that holds everything in place and matching singlet?

Here are the links to this outfit:

Star Denim Shorts:

Stripes Sports Bra:

Stripes Singlet:

I tested this outfit for 10 miles in the Texas heat. My run was awful, but what a joy it was when people passed by me and said, “Cute outfit. Where did you get that?” or “Is that InknBurn? Do you like the four inch shorts?” or “You know, denim shorts are not the best clothes for running.”

The shorts do like denim,  and you get a bunch of second looks when people are trying to figure out if you are running in blue jean shorts. Add the colorful singlet and matching bra, and you have a killer workout outfit to keep you going uphill at mile eight in the Dallas heat.

Did I mention that I wear InknBurn for Pilates, Weight Lifting, and even going to the store? Sure, I love this company because their workouts clothes are functional and cute, but the real reason is that when I put on InknBurn, I feel  either stylish or I feel like a bada$$–well, it depends if I’ve had my coffee.

Here’s the website and happy shopping:


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