Finders Keepers by Monica

Even though my blog is about health, I like to add reviews of places that I really like, and Finders Keepers by Monica is one of those places that I love to visit. It’s location is on Main Street in Downtown Garland. Finders Keepers by Monica

Collage of Outfits and Jewelry at Finders Keepers

People always ask me where I buy my clothes when I wear a fun outfit—not the running around in my workout look, but my “I actually wear nice clothes” look, and I tell them about Finders Keepers by Monica. It’s a boutique store in downtown Garland. I have no idea how Monica chooses the clothes, but she has great taste with the cut and style, so they look great on anyone.

Love the Jumpsuit
Cool, peace sign sweater
Love the cover-up
Angel Wing Necklace
Matching Earrings with the Angel Wings

The jewelry is also one of a kind by a local designer, Karin Wiseman. She hand makes every piece, and they are beautiful.

Butterfly Necklace. Beautiful.

She also takes antique pieces that her clients give her and designs them into pieces that can be worn today. She told me that one time a client brought her  a relative’s antique jewelry and said it was just sitting in the drawers and not being used. Karin Wiseman designed the pieces so that they could be worn today, and when the client saw them, she started to cry. It made me think of some antique pieces that are sitting in my drawer.  Hmm.

Now, for the refurbished furniture by Monica. . . I brought a more than 50 year old dresser into the store—well, I actually donated it because I wanted to get rid of it because it was really ugly. I walked into the store about a month later, and there it was. My dresser.

Refurbished. Painted. It was beautiful, and you bet I have it my house now. I had no idea that old furniture could be turned into something beautiful. Shame on me.

I had a friend tell me  that every woman needs that secret location, that secret boutique, to buy one of a kind pieces of interesting and fun clothes and jewelry.  I think my friend was right. So, here’s my secret . . . Go to Finders Keepers by Monica.

I think it’s time to pay a visit.

Address: 915 Main St. Garland, TX 75040

Phone: 214-641-5602




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