Dallas Morning News Feature: Blast From the Past

Here’s a blast from the past from an article from The Dallas Morning News about quick workouts:  https://www.dallasnews.com/life/healthy-living/2015/04/27/dont-let-time-crunches-stop-yours

It popped up again today as a feature for workouts inside in the air-conditioning and out of this Texas heat.  It’s great timing because it’s almost 100 degrees in Texas, and these workouts are great for working out inside, where the cool air is blowing.

Leslie Barker, Senior Writer for Health and Fitness for The Dallas Morning News, wrote this article, and I was so happy to be contacted and featured. That’s me on the cover, and I was terrified about how I would look for the video and photos. How silly. It was a great experience. Enjoy the article.


That’s me for a section from the video. So fun!!

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