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Mid-life crisis hit, and I gave up teaching, briefly, and became a certified personal trainer. Crazy, huh? I received my certification for personal training from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and have two areas of specialization from NASM:  Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss.

Believe me, I’ve received more press about personal training than I have about my first book. After working in a gym and running a boot camp, I decided to go back to teaching and landed at SMU. However, I can always be enticed to get back to training anyone who wants some workouts. I am more of a teacher than a salesperson. Um, I think that was the whole issue. I also think I am a perpetual learner, which is a good thing.

Email me at if you want to chat about some workouts and even nutrition. Training for a Half Ironman has really changed my views on nutrition: every person is different regarding nutritional needs. Huge lesson.

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