When You Have a Bad Run

When you have a bad run, you either turn around and say, “Screw it,” or you just keep going. For injuries or dehydration, use common sense and turn around or get some help. For mental breakdowns, push through it, and that’s what I did on my long run over the weekend.

I had one of those runs where everything went wrong. I think I had mentally blown off the run because it was a low-distance week for marathon training, and that meant a short run of six miles. Well, six miles without your running group at 5:30 in the morning, without your water stops, and without the group motivation is a very long and very boring six miles.

I had to make my rest stop my house, so that meant two loops. I forgot my water bottle, which is major act of stupidity in the Texas heat. Of course, I forgot it because I was too busy fiddling with my headphones, which broke the first half mile. Going out for that second loop when I was home was quite difficult with all the mental whining and “I’ll do the run tomorrow” excuses.

The bad runs make you mentally tough for race day. You just push through it and stop the mental games. Easier said than done, but it’s a process to change that stinking thinking.

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