Out On A Limb

It’s shaky when you step out on a limb. It’s really shaky right now, and I can’t seem to balance it. Taking that chance to switch careers is really scary, especially when it’s not turning out the way you want it.

I know I’m  a good trainer. I’m empathetic, and I want my clients to succeed. I’m pushing myself to learn more and try more. I love working with my clients, and I believe in them.

The problem is that I’m at a place where I’m mediocre. I don’t want to be mediocre. That’s a trap. I don’t have any guidance, and for a new trainer, you need guidance . . . someone to report to, someone to help you if you’re stuck, someone to hold you accountable.

I’m at a place where I’m working at a lower pay scale than what was promised. Sure, it’s going to be fixed. It’s been four months. It’s not. The bottom line is always money, but when a place doesn’t care about its employees, it’s a huge red flag.

Right now, the limb is really shaky. I’m not sure if I  have enough patience to hang in there and keep it balanced.

There are so many red flags in my gut, and life is short.

I work hard for what I believe, but when a place grinds you down to mediocrity, then it becomes more difficult each day to push yourself out of the banality of the everyday pace. I’m an artist, and to have the creativity stifled is a complete death-blow.

I feel trapped. I vowed that I would never be in a situation where I’m treated less than my worth, but here I am again.

Now I pick myself up, lick my wounds, and figure out what to do. I’ll continue to work with my clients that I love, but I have to do something.

Nothing will change unless I take action. That’s where I am now . . . shaking, shaking, shaking out on a limb.